Unpinning a post?

I accidentally pinned a post while trying to edit it (on mobile). I’d like to unpin that post, but failing that, I’d like to just delete the post.

I’ve tried https://write.as/myblog/mypost/delete, thinking it might work like appending edit does, but no joy.

Is there a secret invocation? The alternative at this point is destroying the blog and starting over.

Note, I’m iOS only. No desktop computer available.


Well, looking at it on my iPad, now there’s an unpin command. Thanks, I guess!

Hi @davepolaschek, sorry for the trouble on mobile! There are still some usability issues we need to fix there, which we’re tracking in places like this.

To edit or unpin a post on a smartphone, you can either rotate the screen – it should show up when you do this – or request the desktop version of the page so you can see the link.

We’ll keep everyone updated here when this is fixed!

Thanks. I couldn’t get the link to show up at all on my phone, but I also run that with text zoom turned on, so maybe the screen never gets big enough there.

That’s definitely possible – thanks for sharing. We’ll be sure to make sure everything still works with text zoom enabled, too.

Thanks. If you want me to give something a test, let me know.

Limited to iOS as well, and had the same issues in Safari, upon first getting started. Actually, I remember having to email and have @matt remedy the issue from his end, but I’ve stumbled across a somewhat solution, which offers additional, semi-unrelated benefits. Recently, I’ve been searching for a more privacy-focused browsing experience on iOS and after testing a few, settled on Brave. Within Brave, I’ve noticed that the full editing menu shows up above posts, while in “write.as/yourusername” view, and additionally, you can unpin posts when rotated into landscape. The added benefit is that you now also are using Brave instead of Safari. Just a heads up!

In the writefreely bugbase, I got a pointer to a solution.

Works like a champ, but the interesting thing is that the "edit delete unpin…” doesn’t even exist on an individual post, just in the titles in the blog. That seems pretty weird to me, as I’m almost always in the individual post when I want to do those things.

I’ve updated the issue on github as well. Maybe this observation will help.