Understanding Pin and unpin

Hello everyone.

I have just successfully installed the community edition of WriteFreely on my YUNOHOST server which appears to work very well…

I do have a question about something I might be mis-understanding however. Here goes.

The first user is the admin. If I, as the admin, writes a post it appears in Reader. If I edit the post and Pin the post it disappears from Reader.

What I’m trying to do is that as the admin, when I want to leave a new message or post about the service, I want that message to be on top all the time in Reader when visitors turn up to the site.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding Pin and unpin in this context, but the fact that a pinned post disappears from the Reader is something of a head scratcher for me.

Can anyone put me out of my misery…?

Many thanks all


Hi Del, the “pinning” functionality refers to individual blogs, not an entire instance, so the “pinning” mechanism wouldn’t be helpful here.

However, you’re able to customize the text at the top of the Reader – maybe this would work for you. To do that, head to your Admin Dashboard > Pages, and click the Reader.

@matt Understood… many thanks