Unable to sign up - page asserts that I am a robot

When I try to sign up for an account, I’m shown the following message:

Our robots have detected a fellow automaton and blocked your request. Write.as is for humans, not robots.

If you are here to publish pure SEO content, please stop now and go away.

If this was by mistake, please accept our apology! Then get in touch with us so we can sort this out right away.

The email address I’m using is hosted by Migadu (and is the same one I used to sign up for this forum).

I have no idea why I’m being blocked from signing up aside from perhaps using an uncommon email provider.

Any chance of me getting help with this?

Really sorry about that – just sent you a private message that should help. I don’t think your email domain is the reason you ran into this – it’s not on our block list. But certain behavior, like signing up a little too quickly, can trip the spam trigger.

Please let me know if you still run into issues after following the instructions in that message.

Hi Matt, I am having the same issue as the user above. I cannot sign up due to the site assuming that I am a bot. I am trying to sign up anonymously, so I am not sure what I need to fix this issue.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


I am still seeking assistance with this issue. Can anyone be of assistance please?