Unable to edit a page, even after unpinning (desktop)

I had an “About” post which I’d pinned, and wanted to edit the content. The page didn’t include any HTML (I read that that could be an issue when using the Rich Text Editor).

When I clicked “Edit”, I got the edit page with only the post title and a single line “This is a page.” (possibly a very early draft of the page :slight_smile:). No matter what I did—refreshing the page, unpinning, moving to anonymous (off of my blog), switching from Plain Text to Rich Text—that was all I could edit. Meanwhile the actual published content remained published.

I ended up deleting the post altogether and creating a new one, copying in the content from the original, but I don’t want to have to do that again… I do note that with the new page (same title), I am able to edit, and see the published content in the editor.

Is this just an intermittent bug of some sort that may affect a post / page randomly, and the only solution is to delete and recreate as I did here? Or was I maybe missing something? (Sorry if only posting here after deleting and recreating makes it harder to figure out :frowning:)

Hmm, did you start / edit the page on different devices? This generally shouldn’t happen unless it was something like that. Drafts are stored locally on each device, so you shouldn’t see old ones unless that device never saw the new version.

I can’t recall. I thought I started the whole site (including starting the “About” page) on my laptop. This situation occurred on my laptop too…

I had no idea that drafts were stored locally. I’ll have to keep that in mind. For my first post (a long one) I think I did some writing on my laptop but much on my phone, and I didn’t notice any discrepancies when switching devices.