Typewriter mode (currently edited line is centered vertically)

I love write.as, and I love writing in it on my ipad. The problem is that once I reach the bottom of the page, not only do I have to strain my neck, but I constantly fight the ipad “island” widget that covers up the last line of my article. It woud be great to have a typewriter style mode that always centers the currently written line (imagine the textarea being a sheet of paper that you can roll up and down).

Can I add in, that I ditto this! There is another service of similar nature made by Matt (Baer) (who makes W.a) regarding taking jots (which I won’t link to cause I don’t think it’s a “public thing), but I was thinking of exactly this for that service the other day: a cursor positioned sort of “to-the-left, but upper-center screen” where the cursor continually re"sets”/re"starts" at it’s initial line position, and the text just continually scrolls up. The lower screen remains blank (“to be written”) the upper screen fills with written text.

This may be difficult/impossible in all manner of HTML/CSS/JS, or just for those who are mere mortals (most people), but in regards to this particular topic, having some sort of “auto space” (or an ever-present blank space) towards the bottom of the textarea (to solve the iPad problem, for example) could prove beneficial :slight_smile:

have a good one

This typewriter mode should be default across the internet.

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Great suggestion. For those that are agreeing, make sure you click the Vote button in the upper left to actually increment up the count for the feature request ranking.

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