Tumblr sync is broken?

I sometimes write a thing on (sub)TMO, and I wanted to sync those posts to a Tumblr blog, but Tumblr doesn’t show up underneath linked accounts on the blog settings page, and it also isn’t a tickable box on the publishing dropdown.

I get an e-mail from Tumblr saying the blog is synced, but W.a doesn’t recognize it.

I don’t know if this is a small glitch, or something more serious is going on?

Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:


Same with me! Big sad :cry:

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I am assuming (from old WordPress days) that this has something to do with authorization keys, or something to that effect. Tumblr has been closing off it’s stuff for a while now (needing an acct to view blogs, etc.) which is unfortunate, but in general the service is still usable. In regards to “verified” services one can sync to Tumblr (such as Write.as) it definitely seems like this would be on the W.a end of things. I have tried a few more times, and get the e-mail stating Tumblr has synced, but Write as still doesn’t recognize it, and no option to cross-post in the upper dropdown on W.a.

IDK, I hope it gets sorted soon

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