Trying to write under multiple blogs/aliases

I’ve always wondered about writing public blogs under multiple aliases but haven’t done it yet. I feel wedded to my main blog and can’t stray from publishing on anything else. Does anyone else feel that way? If not, how do you maintain/write on multiple blogs? Feels like a feature of that I haven’t taken full advantage of yet.


I don’t blog very actively but I do have a few different blogs based on subject matter - one is science related, a couple are computing related, another about scenic hikes in the area, and a private one that I use to keep track of various notes and references. The subject matter is very different in each and it seemed natural to me to keep them separate.

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Good point @bugbuster! Subject matter is a great divider for blogs and having those different “buckets” is extremely useful. I feel like my own paper journal can act like that extra blog even though nobody will ever see it. But I guess that’s what that private blog of yours can be good for too.

I have the same issue. I’m not sure how to maintain a second blog, especially a second blog with a different alias. My issue is, if I write something I think is useful or valuable, I want it attributed to me. So just posting it on one blog keeps everything in one place and seems easier.

However, I agree with the idea of having a different blog for a different subject matter. It helps the readers because they don’t have to wade through other posts that they are not interested in.

Well you have a great setup on your main blog @dino where most of your wide-ranging content fits within a particular series or a tag that you’ve grown over time. Makes me want to try similar things on my blog. I honestly write without that kind of structure in mind.

Though I will say I’ve noticed a lot of people have separate blogs for more philosophical/religious topics. I find this quite fascinating because I know I’ve had the same conflict of adding posts of that nature to my main blog. Having a dedicated place for those seems awesome, especially if you don’t want to have that blog tied to your main one.

I appreciate the compliment @cjeller1592. Part of the reason my site is setup the way it is, is because I wanted it to be the source of truth for everything that is me on the internet. Since I started out with that mindset, it makes sense to me to just stuff everything on my site and just differentiate them using hashtags.

I just remembered that I do have another blog, my dev blog, but that one has a very specific audience/subject matter. Still, I don’t use a different alias on my dev blog, it still points to me.

Lately, I’ve been getting the itch to create a blog whose sole content is photos of the sky. I love taking pictures of the sky. I asked my wife about creating a new blog for sharing those photos. She said, why not just post them on my online journal? I didn’t really know how to answer that. So I’m still stuck in this mode where, almost everything I want to post about, that is not heavy software development stuff, gets posted on my site.

You should totally create a blog for that! There are actually a lot of blogs on that are primarily photos. Here are two that I particularly enjoy. A blog would be a great outlet for the sky photos - would keep them in a dedicated place and would allow you to explore placement, styling, etc.

I ended up creating one last night. Instead of adding a link to my main blog, or putting my name on it, I just left it as its own. Whether or not people will figure out it is another blog of mine, as of the moment, it is not really a big deal for me. For this new blog, I figure it’s not about me, it’s about the sky, so we’ll see how that works out.