Trying to install writefreely, CLI-Only


Heya, I’m trying to install WriteFreely on a Server where I only have CLI Access. How would I go about that? I’ve already tried to go get it but the schema that was shown in the Repo did not work for me.

Thanks for any help!


Hey, is it the database schema that didn’t work? Or something else?

And do you need to install from source? That is, do you plan on modifying the software?


I don’t know how else I’d install, I tried to use the #quick-start part but didn’t know how to use it, after I used go get -d


If you don’t need to modify the software, you can download the fully-built application and skip all the Go / Node.js / everything compilation.

Basically, you’ll download the latest release and extract the files on your server (here’s how to do that), then run the commands shown on the Getting Started page.

This thread has a good walkthrough if you’re starting from scratch, or aren’t familiar with nginx / systemd on Ubuntu.


Ah, I missed this before – to clarify, everything in the Quick Start section of the README is meant to be run from the command-line. (I’m updating the docs to reflect this now.)


but how do I even download a release when I don’t have access to a graphical interface?


You can download to your local machine and then upload via FTP, as mentioned in that thread, or use the instructions I linked to before, which include using the wget command:


I got it to work with the Help of a friend, now I’m only missing the CSS Stuff.


Great! What CSS stuff is missing?