Translating (blog) reader visible features

Hi everyone! I’m new to, so apologies if this has come up earlier on the forum.

I just started my trial, wrote a first post, connected my domain and been playing with the settings and other bits of pieces. Looking great so far!

As I’d like to write in my native language (Finnish), I noticed a translation related thing that I’d like to mention. While browsing my blog on my phone, post dates are translated correctly. However, the email subscription related feature bits (in the page end/footer) are not.

I see the “Enter your email to subscribe to updates”, form elements and the inputs after submitting the form in English. Are these supposed to show up in the browsers / OS language?

I joined the WriteFreely Web POEditor project and checked the Finnish translation status. That claims to be at 100%. It even has those above mentioned subscribe form bits and pieces translated there. But still, I see the English version on the blog itself.

Am I missing something here? :smile:


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Yup. The very same thing happens on my blog written in Italian, and most probably on every other language other than English.

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“Good” to know I’m not the only one then! :smiley:

That being said, I notice that you have the “published with” text in footer translated in Italian, but on the homepage, it’s still English. In my Finnish blog’s case, that text remains in English on both of those locations.

Some inconsistencies there it seems.

I wonder if it would help if there were a language/locale setting in the blog customize section that user could choose (and the blog would then follow that). For example Ghost has that kind of option available in settings. A feature request of sorts I guess :slight_smile: