Transferring a blog from my account to someone else's account

One of my blogs is the changelog for a web site I created. I sold the web site, and I want to transfer ownership of the blog to the new owner.

I currently pay for the Pro plan. If I upgrade to the Team plan for one month, will I be able to do that? Or perhaps a friendly support person could take care of it for me? Thanks in advance!

Congrats on selling the site! I guess the best route will depend on what the new owners want to do. If they’ll want multiple people running the blog, you can get that going by creating a Team and then moving your blog to it. Otherwise, I can manually move the blog and all posts to a new individual account, if they create one first.

Either way, I’ll need to assist in this a bit for transferring ownership of things like images. Just let me know which route you’d like to take.

I’ll have them create a new individual account so you can transfer the blog and posts over. I’ll follow up via email to keep the details private.