Traffic not working(?)

I know my blog is using a custom domain, and is but a week old, but wrote a blog post stating (honestly, or so I thought) that the blog posts I have written in the past couple days have gotten 0 reads - but then I get a few messages via a “comment service” I have stating that they have been reading all along via RSS, visiting the front page, etc. And then I go to the analytics page on W.a (Pro), and it says “no stats to display at this time”, or something to that affect, and then when I click on analytics status, it shows 100% uptime. So I am a little confused.

I am just wondering if the analytics are down currently, but showing otherwise on the analytics status page? People can see/read my blog, and that’s fine, and I don’t check the stats that often - but I am just wondering if there is an analytics issue for anyone else?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve had stats be unavailable for the past few days, too.

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Sorry about that, everyone! We had some SSL errors on the Analytics server, which caused a period of stats not getting collected. We’ve fixed that and put in protections to make sure it won’t happen again.