Title convert to URL function bug under Chinese

Hi, I just write one post with Chinese title, after post I find a bug.

After I clicked ‘publish’ button, I was lead to a page says: “This page is missing. Are you sure it was ever here?”

That page url was: https://write.as/xxx-xxx-zai-write-as-kai-bo-shun-bian-jiang-jiang-zi-ji-duo-nian-lai-guan-yu-wen-zhang-ji-lu-de-xin-de

Then I went into blog index and see the post had already there. But the real accessible URL is: https://write.as/super/xxx-xx-zai-write-as-kai-bo-shun-bian-jiang-jiang-zi-ji-duo-nian-lai-guan-yu-wen-

it means some url letter is cut off incorrectly.

This kind of URL from pinyin is very long and ugly. I suggest to just convert it to random letter or MD5 hash.

And If the metadata URL field could be set before content publish, it will be better. After change URL the post on read.write.as and mastodon will be not accessible.

Thank you for reporting this! It’s a huge help. We’re working on fixing the URL length issue right now.

I’d like to hear from other users if they’d be alright with not using the pinyin for posts written in Chinese. We transliterate the URL for all languages, but we can make an exception for Chinese if that makes the most sense for the language. Another alternative might simply be making it shorter.

Lastly, we will likely support setting the URL before publishing via our Classic Editor – several people have requested this. Thanks for your input!

Finished a fix for the slugs / URLs – it’ll be live on Write.as later today, eastern US time. (Here’s the patch in WriteFreely, for anyone interested.)

Edit: this is live now. Please let me know if you still notice any issues!