Tiny.write.as: shortened internal links create broken links

(I’m probably not using the correct technical lingo, so I’ll elaborate below.)

The screenshot below shows a post that has a link pointing to one of my other posts.

I created this link using the following syntax:

[Polywork is fixing personal branding](/link-to-post).

The problem is that, on tiny.write.as, that link is generated as: https://tiny.write.as/link-to-post.

But to work, the link should be: https://tiny.write.as/jakelacaze/link-to-post.

tiny.write.as needs to include the username in the link.

Let me know if I need to explain this better.

Not positive, but I think you need to make the link of the form ./link-to-post rather than /link-to-post so that it will pick up the correct “directory.”

But doing it the way I’ve described works for site versions other than tiny.write.as. (See blog.jakelacaze.com).

There should be one way to make links for both forms.

The ./link form should work for everything, too. It’s a relative link into the same directory. Without the initial dot, you’re making an absolute link to the root of the website.