Timing for Snapas features?

Matt, I was wondering if you had an idea on timing for snapas features, including:

  • post galeries into writeas blog, not just photos (this is BIG for me)
  • photo order
  • thumbnail edit

Hey, while I don’t have definite times on everything right now, things will be moving more quickly on Snap.as in April and May.

Right now we’re wrapping up all the basic functionality needed to make it work as its own product (without a Write.as account), so focus is on everything needed to make that happen. But with that out of the way (sometime in April), we’ll be able to get these other things done. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop here.

Could you remind me of the thumbnail editing feature? Do you mean being able to choose how the thumbnail is cropped?

Great, Matt. Thank you.

Edit Thumbnail: Possibly part of the edit of the gallery (which might include ability to drag and drop in the grid view to change the order?), edit thumbnail means selecting the crop, both in terms of size and placement in the photo. For example, a lot of my photos are panoramas or other dimentions that end up showing unclear previews in the grid view.

Right! If I may add my comments to this:

The photos and galleries views in snap.as show a truncated square image such that sometimes the relevant part of the photo becomes truncated out: for (1) portrait photos, the view appears to start from the top and truncates anything below what doesn’t fit into a square, and (2) for landscape photos, it appears to start from the left and truncates anything to the right that doesn’t fit into the square. So oftentimes, the real subject of the photo is not shown in the square thumbnail image.

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I just tried what I hope to accomplish automatically with the gallery update in Snap.as, but manually with this post:

  1. The manual way is tedious. I am really looking forward to this being a past a link to the gallery and it auto embeds!

  2. I’m not sure I like the linear photos, but would prefer a right arrow/swipe and a single caption under. Is that possible?

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Thanks for trying that out and showing what you’re going for – that helps a lot. Yes, I think we can make it so sharing the link will embed a nice gallery that people can click / swipe through. This is still at the top of the priority list after standalone accounts :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matt. Essential to this, for me anyroad, is the ability to reorder photos. I’ve no idea hgow ot change file names in Apple’s Photos so they are numerical, and even if I did, changing the file name is kludgy.

Unfortunately the stock iPhone app doesn’t have any feature to edit meta data. Also hello from the Front Range.