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I very much understand your reasoning with this. Doesn’t alter the fact that I am disappointed :slightly_frowning_face: As a not too happy user of Pixelfed (too much like the ‘old’…) I was hoping to find a home for my photography that I could use with WriteFreely.

To be sure, this doesn’t change anything with the long-term plans for the platform. You can still count on not disappearing, and it’ll continue improving as planned.

All this announcement means is that you’ll still need a account to use for the foreseeable future. I made this post simply because I’d previously promised standalone accounts by now.


A reasonable choice.
Thank you for the transparency in your products development

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Thank you, Matt. Your combination of bold sustainable simplicity with elegant features underneath and transparency along the way are wondrous! I look forward to seeing what emerges … hopefully in time for photo essays of me summer adventures! Grin.

With abandon,

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