The most basic federation not working

I’m looking through topics but everybody else has much more complex issues. I’m just trying to do the very most basic federation. And my posts are not showing up for subscribers.

I’ve got Pro, so I can have three blogs, but for now here’s just one:

Native Front Yard Project

I’m subscribed to it from a Firefish account and a Mastodon account but posts don’t show up for either.

I did all the steps in the instructions and just now confirmed by watching the video.

I’m making new test posts AFTER turning on federation and subscribing, but still nothing.

For the record here’s what your blog’s profile looks like in Mastodon:

Clicking Browse more on the original profile leads to your blog.

Thanks for validating that it’s findable and visible.

The 2 followers are my Firefish and Mastodon accounts. Still not seeing posts that were authored after turning on federation and subscribing.