The case against scheduling posts?

As part of my work on Teams, and the new ability to set someone as the “author” of a post, I’m also considering adding a long-requested feature to the web editor: scheduling posts. This has been requested before, both here (Scheduled Posts?) and in private messages.

But for all the people who want this feature, I know many people also don’t need this feature. So for the sake of balance and staying minimal for those who want it, I’m wondering: What’s the case against supporting scheduled posts? Do you think it’d slow down the publishing flow too much? Do you think it’d lead to too much clutter? Too much distraction?


For a little reference, this would change how the Publish button in the editor works. Instead of clicking Publish and the post instantly publishing to your blog, it would open a small window like this – then clicking Publish here would actually publish the post.

Screenshot from 2021-08-30 19-09-15


Please feel free to share any thoughts you have. Strong opinions are good! I’ll use all of this to design a flow that hopefully balances everyone’s needs, whether you need this feature or not.

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I can see arguments for not using this feature, but I can’t see arguments for not having the option. Scheduling feels like a sensible common option.

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Actually, now that I see how it looks like, I would say, add the “blog” it is being published to as well. I see this as one final check before publishing. I wouldn’t mind having this option honestly.


I wouldn’t use the feature, simply because I don’t want all posts to go to all subscribers. So, sometimes I publish to Anonymous first, wait 20min, then move to the main blog. Also, I would find myself checking to see if it was actually published, so it would result in extra time rather than less.