The abbr HTML tag is stripped of its title


I just installed a WriteFreely instance on the fine service. It’s visible at, where you can see that the following code is stripped of its title attribute, which renders it useless:

<abbr title="Public Universal Base: Libre Infrastructure Community">PUBLIC</abbr>

is wrongly rendered as:


This rendering would be correct for the second or more occurrence on a page, so browsers and screen readers can interpret it correctly. But the whole point of <abbr> is to make an acronym understandable!

Thank you for your attention, and especially for your great work with minimalism and typography.

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Hey @how, thanks for reporting this! Should be a quick fix that we can get into the next release (v0.11).

@robjloranger, could you take a look at this?

Sure thing, I have a hunch already.

@how looks like the issue is the : triggering the sanitization policy. I’ve created a patch to allow title attributes to contain special character on abbreviation elements.

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(Patch is here: #184)

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