Tedium-free method for replacing ‘default’ blog/username with secondary blog/username

As I renew my annual Pro subscription and reflect back upon developments throughout the past year — from a reimagined and far-improved iOS app, innovative feature offerings from the Write.as Labs, to tracking larger projects such as Remark.as, as they assume shape and begin to feel tangible — I look forward to what the upcoming months hold in store for the platform and comminity.

That said, to kick off a new cycle, I was hoping you might be able to help me with making a change to my blog(s) ecosystem, which in a sense, might lend to it the feel of a fresh start: Is there a way I might easily be able to swap my current ‘default/main’ blog (which sits at the top of the homepage blog list and is attached to my current username), with another blog — also replacing my username with it’s attached url/handle? While I’m assuming I could just go in and basically edit and change everything about my main blog to reflect the one I would like to use, then delete the one I want to use and change the username to reflect it (again, I’m only assuming I could do this), I’m hoping you might be able to help to make this easier? Hopefully this explanation made sense…

My username is ‘protofucker’, and I wanted to swap out the blog attached to this name (which used a custom, though now defunct, URL: https://blog.protofuc.kr and is currently accessible through the less cool, rookie URL: https://protofucker.writeas.com) for my other blog which uses the handle ‘anx’ and is located at https://anxiety.fun. In doing so, I was hoping I could change my username to anx in the process. Not that it’s really that pertinent to mention here, but I was just planning to delete the protofucker blog altogether, which will be easy enough to do, once it’s bumped out of it’s current ‘default/main’ status.

Let me know if this is something y’all — or anyone really! — might be able to assist me in sorting out! This is a novel I know, so to whomever waded their way through, it is much appreciated. Hoping an email to the Write.as support might turn up some insights to resolving this issue, I’m assuming it became mixed in and lost amongst a mountain of other messages. Keeping my fingers crossed that by asking in the community forum, this new attempt might be more successful (or successful at all) in attracting the attention of @matt, @cjeller1592, and/or @angelo. Also, it’s just occurring to me that making this an option that’s more easily manageable from the user’s end might be a cool feature to see in the future? It’s an idea anyways. Looking forward to hearing back and thanks!



Hey @anx, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier on this! It’s a little tricky to do manually, but it’s definitely something we could’ve fixed for you on our end!

It looks like you went ahead and updated your username / moved everything over to your main blog now though. Do you still need anything else?

I do agree this could be a nice feature to have – basically a way to change your username to one of the blogs you already own, or mark a secondary blog as your “main” one (actually, that’d be really straightforward for us to do). You’re not the first person who has asked to do this. So maybe we can support that sometime soon…

Hey @matt!

Thanks for getting back, and as far as taking a few days, don’t sweat it — I can only assume you’ve got a good amount on your plate and maybe sometimes like to take a second to relax. Anyways, as you’d observed, I went ahead and took care of the issue myself, which was relatively simple, considering the blog on question is relatively sparse in terms of content — I’d imagine the process being more tedious and time consuming, had the blog housed a more substantial number of entries.

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