Hey there, we’re considering using write.as as platform for a blog-based website I’m helping set up. One of the main requirements is that we can use hashtags and categorise posts. I’ve been researching for a couple hours now and trying out a few things with a free account, but I haven’t been able to find any guides about using hashtags. Markdown and html seems to be working fine for everything else like image embedding and text formatting, but if I try to add a tag like #this, nothing happens, it’s just dead text. (eg. https://write.as/evs5e3ef5h59kc3g.md)
What am I doing wrong? or is this a bug? maybe hashtags don’t work on anonymous/draft posts?

Hi @sil! You’re right - tags only work within a blog, not on anonymous/draft posts. This guide explains how hashtags work and shows them in action. I’d recommend trying out tags, like that post you shared, within the blog that comes with your free account.

Hope that clarifies things and let me know if you have further questions!

Thanks a lot, I figured it out eventually :slight_smile:
Unfortunately it seems write.as is not going to work for us because our content creator needs to be able to create posts easily via mobile, and so far I could only find ways to do anonymous/draft posts from the app.

No problem @sil, glad you got it figured out!

For mobile, I’d recommend using the web app instead of the mobile app. Write.as works great on mobile browsers. Many of our mobile users log in and publish to Write.as that way, so your content creator could do so as well.

@sil Write.as works great on mobile browsers. That was a condition for me also. You really don’t need an app because the mobile browser UI is as simple as a phone app.

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Unfortunately while it all looks clean and simple it’s actually not simple enough for us since as far as I can tell from using the free version, it will require our user to learn the markdown and upload images separately when they post?
I saw some discussion on the forum about there being an option to use an interface (maybe similar to this text edit box here on the forum?) for pro users. But without purchasing a month subscription to experiment with, it wasn’t very clear if this was a feature that is actually available yet so we’ve ended up buying an expensive Wordpress.com plan instead. Would love to be proven wrong on that, because I like everything else about write.as, and Wordpress.com locks you in for a year subscription, but at the moment it seems write.as is missing some of the essentials we’d need for this particular project.

Hi @sil,

You’re correct - uploading images does happen separately. While a WYSIWYG editor isn’t part of Write.as, we have a Classic Editor that trades that minimalism for some familiarity (Title field for example). It still requires the user to know Markdown and upload images separately though.

If you’d like to try out a two week trial of Pro to experiment with the features further, we’d be more than happy to oblige. Just let us know your username and we’d be glad to give you a trial.