Tags when using markdown

I am still trying to get a better understanding of how markdown works with write.as. I have copied the code in the plain editor and that seemed to work.

But, here is my question. The single # sign represents a HEADING 1 in markdown. If I want to tag my post with the # and whatever tags I feel are appropriate, is it correct to put the \#tag format so that it is not read as markdown and will be picked up as a tag for federation?

Is this my correct understanding:

#music - would create a HEADING 1 entry
\#music - would create a “music” tag

Thanks. I am coming from Wordpress, which admittedly is a bit easier with tag/category selection, but willing to give this a go and focus on the writing aspect.

There is a slight difference between making an H1 and a tag:

  • An H1 has a space between the hashtag and the text, as shown below:

    • # text
  • A tag has no space between the hashtag and the text. See below:

    • #text

Keep in mind that you will put a space between the hashtags and the text for H2, H3, etc.—just as you do for the H1.

Let me know if this still doesn’t make sense.


I have a question regarding tags. Is there a way to create a multi word tag for example a tag for Keyboard Maestro?

I do not know of any such option. I think you would have to make it one word like so:

  • #keyboardmaestro

  • #keyboard-maestro


The reason I was curious, because of my usual editor, Ulysses, it appears there is no distinction with respect to spacing with the default Markup XL language.

Yet, with iA Writer, it does parse the # space or not differently, as would be expected, based on the markup language.

But thanks for the clarification in regards to markup.

The best way to do this is with #camelCase tags, where each word starts with a capital letter. So you’d do something like #KeyboardMaestro.

In our coming “categories” system, we’ll actually recognize these and automatically split them up into multiple words.

@matt Maybe I am confused, but if someone wants a multi word tag like #KeyboardMaestro, would it not be a problem if the system splits them based on the new categorization feature you mentioned? Or is the system going to produce X number of tags from the multi word based on the camelCase recognition such as #KeyboardMaestro, would become: #Keyboard and #Maestro and keep the original non split tag for search purposes?

Ah, I mean we’ll split them up for titling purposes, not actually break them up into multiple tags (you’re right, that would cause problems).

For some detail, categories have three properties they add on to regular hashtags: a unique key (the hashtag), a URL-friendly slug, and a user-friendly title (e.g. “Keyboard Maestro”). So when you’re looking up posts by a category, users can see that user-friendly title on the page, instead of the hashtag / camelCase version. And all of these properties will be editable after the fact – we just do some automatic stuff like breaking up words when creating categories from hashtags.