Tags atop Read.write.as

Right now, there are four tags atop the “banner” of Read.write.as

#poetry #journal #100DaysToOffload #Mastodon

And I can see the (frequent) use of #poetry and #journal, but the other two tags rarely get used anymore, it seems. I visit R.w.a probably…who knows how many times a day, and have for a very long time, and I rarely see the second two get used, other than when someone makes an “about” page, or a “contact” page and they list their Mastodon account as a method of contact. But even then, they don’t use a hashtag with it. Also, #100DaysToOffload is not done a lot anymore either (as awesome, and entertaining as it was).

So, perhaps a change in scenery? LOL!

The former two should stay, are useful, but perhaps two other tags can be used up top in the future?

Just my two cents. Thanks for reading.

I agree, having mostly empty and abandoned pages leaves a bad taste of bitrot.


Yeah, this is a manually-updated list based on popular tags, and it hasn’t been updated in a while. Just trimmed it down to #poetry and #journal!

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ha, I just took a screenshot to mention to @PaoloAmoroso that it is just #poetry and #journal now. Looks better, cleaner in some ways.

I gotta ask @matt , are you planning on any redesigns/overhauls of R.w.a in general? I know you are making priorities for things on musing.studio, and didn’t know if you looked at R.w.a designs. Not that it needs anything to change (works and looks great as it is), but was simply curious.


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Bitrot is back, the #Poetry and #Journal pages are empty again.

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hopefully they’ll be repopulated again, as those are used here and there on W.a/R.w.a. The two that Matt deleted before were nearly always “blank”. But journalers/poets definitely have stuff on their blogs now and again :slight_smile:

Perhaps something akin to what blogroll.org does would be helpful? Such as #Personal, #Tech, #Journal, #Poetry? Depends on what @matt thinks, of course, I’m “just a guy”, haha!