Tag page -- a pinnable page listing all posts tagged with a given tag


Is there a way to put a link at the top of my blog – like a pinned page – that will link to an index page for every post with a given tag?

For instance the header of example.com should link to https://example.com/tag:books so that my visitors can easily get a list of all the books I’ve written?

If this isn’t possible, I can workaround, but I wanted to ask about it. I thought I’d emailed CJ or Matt about this along time ago, but I could not find mention of it in my email.


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You could do that manually. Create a new page. List all your tags as tags on the page then pin it. That’s what I’m doing on my archive page.

I ended up creating a page that listed all my books and linked, and there are some advantages to that approach although it does need to be updated manually. I just wish there was an automated listing like I used to be able to do in WordPress (of course there’s many reasons I’m not using WordPress, haha.). Thanks!

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