Switch from monthly to annual plan with BlackFriday's discount?

Hi there, is the Black Friday discount applicable to existing customers? If yes, I’d like to switch my Pro subscription from monthly to annual using that 25% discount. Will it work if I just go to Billing and click on “change interval”?

Yep! Switching your billing interval there will put you on the yearly plan with the 25% discount automatically applied.

I did that but I think it didn’t work. The amount charged should have been $54, right? No rush to solve this, I don’t expect to have you working on this kind of annoying customer support on a Saturday haha :slight_smile:

Agh, you’re right. Sorry! Just sorted everything out – applied the discount going forward, and refunded the $18 that should’ve been taken off of this bill. You’ll see that refunded amount back in your account in 3-5 business days, and you can confirm the discount on your Billing page.

Also, this bug is now fixed for everyone. So if any current Pro users want to switch their billing interval, they’ll automatically have the discount applied.

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Awesome, thanks!!