Support for paragraphs - and why <br> + <br> ≠ <p>

I’m working on a theme (that I’d like to publish when it’s done!), and right now I’m fiddling with the text margins - specifically between headers and the body etc.

However, I have an annoyance:

I miss more meaningful separation between line breaks and paragraphs in the markdown editor.

I need this little sucker! :point_right:t2:

I don’t know if this is something that’s been discussed to death among the Markdown-elites - but to me, just putting a blank line is no proper substitution for a good ol’ paragraph.

I’ve tried to show why I think it’s important, and what I haven’t been able to achieve with as is. (However, it might be user error!)

So, with markdown you have to go for one of the outer options:

  • Either no margin between paragraphs, or
  • a full line height.

However, I want something in between.

But it doesn’t look like even recognises the paragraphs - with or without the full line.


Maybe there are better ideas - but here’s two possible solutions:

(Haha, turns out <p> works in this editor, even though it doesn’t in the other! :sweat_smile:)


Or is it possible to achieve what I want (top-/bottom-margins between 0em and 1em within the body) with the markdown editor today?


Ok, so I figured something out:

It was when I was struggling with getting anything to respond to CSS in the post/article view (when you click into an article - I don’t know what you call it) that I showed the CSS to a programmer friend. And he said something about there being a display inline-thing that messed with the control over margins.

So i put in what he said:

.e-content {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;

And I got a lot of control again, and could finally put in margins on headers etc. Also, after I added this - the pesky paragraphs revealed themselves as well!

The best way was just with a blank line in the editor - that creates a margin that can be adjusted. =)