Summer 2022 Roadmap + Survey

Hey everyone! Looking ahead to the next couple months, I’ve taken down specific features on our public roadmap, and instead will largely focus on a few long-standing feature requests and fixes that I know people have had.

To help me prioritize what gets done, I’d love to hear your feedback via this survey:

This also serves to check in with you on the service in general – please feel free to share your candid thoughts on the pricing and service. It’s a huge help, and much appreciated!


Sorry, not going near Gggl.

Yeah, sorry for that. I tried using Framaforms but had some trouble. If you know of any non-Google form software that works well, I’ll be happy to use that in the future!

One good alternative is yakform, same team (frama), better tool :

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I submitted a response to the survey, but I also wanted to post something here.
You edited the roadmap so I cannot see what was on it before, but I would like to suggest a few additions, which for me, would be beneficial.

Unless I am missing something obvious, I would like to see the following additions with the markdown parser without the need for CSS, etc.

  1. Markdown table support.
  2. Footnote support.

For me, these would be helpful additions when composing posts.


@dmball Doesn’t already support Markdown tables? See this test post to my blog.

@matt @PaoloAmoroso

I completely apologize about number 1. I must be loosing my mind as I put a table in a post and previewed it and nothing ever happened. Yet, copying another markdown table did produce the result. I will go back and figure out what in the world happened.

Thanks and sorry.

Maybe you published an anonymous post, which may not render tables and other formatting.

I was publishing to anonymous to see what would happen. It was weird, my original table did not originally render. I copied in a markdown table from a website. I then published again and the copied markdown table DID NOT render, but my original one did.

Not sure what happened, but all seems to be ok for now.