Suggestion! Re Custom domains

Simple feedback suggest-

For the writefreely code base-

When using a custom domain, add code in go/swift to detect a custom domain is in use, then when the user gets the share sheet pulled up, they do not have to edit the domain manually in the url bar, or some external editor to get that “professional” look to their work when launching it into external social media channels.

Ie the shared or copied link shows that blogs domain instead of

Easy enough, to implement I think? Probably no more… than ten lines or so, but for your consideration.

Some dude in SoCal. :slight_smile:

Hi @18percentgrey, thanks for the feedback!

You mention “Swift”; you’re seeing this behaviour in the WriteFreely iOS app, right? If so, I’ve reproduced the issue and opened a bug report to fix it.

Are you seeing this bug elsewhere?

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Heya! No just in the iOS app you are correct. And whoa! thank you…! :crazy_face:

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