Suggestion for an affordable plan

Hi there,

I’ve been keeping an eye on for a couple of years now, and honestly, it’s a platform with many great features. I’ve used WriteFreely for free, but I had to switch to other platforms because it doesn’t support photo storage or comments. I’d love to get the Pro plan, but living in South America, sometimes my salary just doesn’t stretch that far.

I wanted to suggest a basic plan with some limitations compared to the Pro plan. This way, people outside of Europe and the US could also access and enjoy this kind of platform.

I think that between $24 and $36 annually could be a more accessible option, with features like:

Core Features
Personal blogs 1
Collaborative blogs -
Posts per day 1
Views per month Unlimited
Markdown and Mathjax support :heavy_check_mark:
Web Monetization support -
Rich text editor -
Custom domain, with SSL :heavy_check_mark:
Static pages -
Rich embeds -
Do-follow links -
Themes and code injection :heavy_check_mark:
Self-promoted blogs :heavy_check_mark:
Join Read community -
Password-protected blogs -
Private blogs -
Publishing Options
Open developer API :heavy_check_mark:
Publish via command-line -
Publish via email -
Discount on our desktop apps -
Reach an Audience
Newsletter subscribers -
RSS feed :heavy_check_mark:
ActivityPub federation :heavy_check_mark:
Privacy-respecting analytics -
Team members -
Unlisted + Public team blogs -
Private + Password team blogs -
User permissions -
Photo hosting with :heavy_check_mark:
File hosting with -
Submissions with -
Post signature -
ePub export -
Extra personal blog -
Extra team blog -
Community support :heavy_check_mark:
Email support on weekdays -
Priority support -

Have a nice day/night!