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I’ve looked through the docs and searched here.

Is there a way for people to subscribe to my blog via email?

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I’ve got a few readers who are not used to and comfortable with newsfeeds.

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There isn’t a way to do this at the moment, but that’s a major feature I hope to add in the next few months. A bunch of people have requested it, and will be getting the feature, too.

In the meantime, you could always have your readers use a service like Feed 2 Email or Blogtrottr to get your posts via email. The former lets you enter only your blog URL and it’ll automatically discover the RSS feed, so that might be easiest for people.


Thanks! This’ll work fine for the time being.

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Can you please explain how the Feed2Email would look on the blog page? Would people see a subscription box to enter their email address? RSS always confuses me, so I’m not understanding how these services would work or look on a blog page. In other words, will it be obvious for readers to find and use? The capability for readers to subscribe by email is probably the most important feature for me. Thank you!

For now you’d most likely have to explain what readers need to do, as I don’t think there’s a way to embed their form, unfortunately. So readers would go to Feed2Email, enter your blog URL in the “feed” box, then their email in the second box. After that, they’d start getting an email every time you create a new post.

It’s definitely not ideal, but could be a good workaround for now, before we have email subscriptions built-in.

Thanks, do you know when email subscriptions will be built in?

Also, is it possible to embed a link to something like Mailchimp? Thank you.

I don’t have a solid estimate for it right now unfortunately, besides roughly in the next few months. It’s high on the priority list, but there are also other priorities above it that will take up a good amount of time. Still, I’ll keep everyone updated about it here and in our newsletter!

Otherwise you could definitely embed a link to Mailchimp, like the link above. Their Form Builder will give you the URL to link to. I’m just not sure what it’d involve to connect your feed to Mailchimp to automatically send out your posts…

Thanks, Matt. I’m glad to know it’s a priority. Thanks for your platform.

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Hi. Just wondering if you are planning on the email subscription capability any time soon, or if it’s going to be a while. Thank you.

Yep, actually just started on it :slight_smile:

It should be ready to try out this month – I’ll keep you updated here!

This is now being discussed on this Feature Request thread.

It’s still early, but you can now enable email subscriptions on your blogs: New in Labs: Email Subscriptions

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