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Hi. Just wondering if the email subscriptions in work better with some email services than others. (I have not yet used the subscription capability in I’m wondering since my gmail account just got wiped out and can’t be retrieved. For some reason, I’ve been leery about email service for years. Trying to shake it. But do some email providers work better than others with Thank you for any thoughts!

Hi @writedirt, there are definitely some differences with how some email services show our emails. But for the most part, the emails themselves should look consistent, no matter the service. And in general, our emails should be delivered to everyone pretty consistently.

Thanks, Matt. Can I ask what email uses? Or does serve it’s own email for doing business? Not sure if that’s an appropriate question. Thank you.

For our company, we use Rackspace email, but it’s definitely more business-oriented. If you’re looking for a provider, I think the paid ones are best, since they don’t make their money from ads. I’ve heard good things about ProtonMail and Fastmail, and they’re both privacy-oriented.

Thanks, Matt. I know I’ve bugged you with this before. But this helps with my perspective now. Thanks, again.

Of course, I’m happy to help! :blush:

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