Suboptimal experience

Something goes wrong with your UX/UI.
I’m logged in at . I opened and clicked “Log in”. Then I clicked “with”. I saw this:

Why I should give this info? I don’t want to create new account, I just want to log in using existing account.

Okay, now I see two clickable things here: “Log in” and “Create your account”. What I should click? I want to merely log in, so I clicked “Log in”. But this opened previous screen! So I got in a loop. So (in the second attempt) I clicked “Create your account” and now was able to get to .

So, something is wrong. Okay, I understand that I need to provide additional info and perform new registration in any case. But that loop is simply fiasco. I clicked “log in”, because this is most natural variant to me, and that natural variant returned me to previous screen!

I’m paying consumer

Unfortunately this is just the way it works… The forum software powering is completely separate from, which is why you have to create an account here in addition to your account – the “login with” button is just there to make it a little easier.

Is there a way to make UX/UI a little better? So that a user will not stick in such a loop. For example, on pictured screen replace phrase “Already have an account?” with “Already have an account?”

Then “Log in to link your OAuth 2 account” with “Log in to link your OAuth 2 account (only if you used before)”.

“Create your account” probably should be somehow changed, too