Submit link & submit page on writefreely

Hi has implemented a link to a submit page, example:

this is a super-useful page as it’s quite impossible for average users to find the feed or to find the blog account on the fediverse, and adding a link to a submit page on the header on every page is great to increase the blog followers.

I really hope this submit page will be included on writefreely 0.12 version.
Adding the newsletter feature will be great too.

Hi @filippodb!

This “Subscribe” page can be done on WriteFreely already as a pinned post on your blog. But it makes me think about the idea of templates that people could copy onto their own blog, especially for general things like a “Subscribe” page. This could work across WriteFreely &

What does everyone think about a page template blog of sorts? Could be like the themes blog.

And newsletter functionality is something far off for WF at the moment but definitely something we’re thinking about!

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but having the “submit” link just on the top side of the blog, placed close to the blog title is really better than having a pinned post :wink:

I like the idea of templates for general things like subscribe page.

Great to know!

To have the “Subscribe” link as you described, you have to create a post and then pin it. Pinned posts look like that by default. We have a guide on how to do this here:

We’ll be sure to add a similar guide to the WriteFreely documentation too!

thanks!! :slight_smile:

IMO a “Subscribe” page should be added on writefreely. So all new blogs will have an useful page to gain more followers.