Sublists seem to be broken

Here a nice example of what I mean:

It seems like the top entry before a second level list gets an additional line break. It should look like it does here:

  • Item 0
  • Item 1
    • Item 11
    • Item 12
  • Item 2

This is a CSS problem…

Hey, thanks for the report – we’re tracking this bug in #27 on GitHub.

Hoping to have this fixed soon; it’s actually something with our Markdown library inserting extra whitespace.

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Hey Matt. Yes this is what I discovered. Somehow another white space is added into the list element. Blackfriday has that problem too and Saturday is a fork, right?

That’s correct, and the problem arises because articles use white-space: pre-wrap to space things out, so any additional white space messes things up like this.

It’s not a perfect solution, but between this change to saturday and some CSS changes I’m about to commit, this will be fixed in our next release.

This fix is deployed now :+1: Let me know if you still notice any issues, though

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It works like a charm for me!