Stuck visit counts

The visit counts of the latest two posts of my blog are stuck and don’t reflect the traffic the blog is receiving.

I published the first post on 30 Jul 2023 and the count is stuck at 1 view:

I published the second post on 3 Aug 2023 and the count is stuck at 8:

The stats of the past 30 days show many more visits for these posts:

I have seen this in the past, but it always seemed to be a matter of Safari caching things and not actually reloading the page. I loaded both of those pages, so theoretically, the view counts should’ve just gone up…

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Thanks, I’m on chromeOS and clearing the browser cache did the trick. Now the counts are up to date.

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I have another post stuck at a fixed visit count, 6, and clearing the browser cache doesn’t help.

This could be a result of the server-side caching we added in recently. It shouldn’t affect you while you’re logged in, but maybe there’s something odd going on. I’ll investigate shortly and let you know what I find.

Thanks, I confirm I’m signed up into my account when checking the data.

I visited it, so the count should have theoretically bumped.

Thanks but the count is still stuck. As Matt noted, this is a caching issue at’ end.


Yeah, you need to clear the cache to see the actual number.

Any updates? Visit counts are still being aggressively cached.

Any chances of a fix in the short to medium term?