Stuck visit counts

The visit counts of the latest two posts of my blog are stuck and don’t reflect the traffic the blog is receiving.

I published the first post on 30 Jul 2023 and the count is stuck at 1 view:

I published the second post on 3 Aug 2023 and the count is stuck at 8:

The stats of the past 30 days show many more visits for these posts:

I have seen this in the past, but it always seemed to be a matter of Safari caching things and not actually reloading the page. I loaded both of those pages, so theoretically, the view counts should’ve just gone up…

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Thanks, I’m on chromeOS and clearing the browser cache did the trick. Now the counts are up to date.


I have another post stuck at a fixed visit count, 6, and clearing the browser cache doesn’t help.

This could be a result of the server-side caching we added in recently. It shouldn’t affect you while you’re logged in, but maybe there’s something odd going on. I’ll investigate shortly and let you know what I find.

Thanks, I confirm I’m signed up into my account when checking the data.

I visited it, so the count should have theoretically bumped.

Thanks but the count is still stuck. As Matt noted, this is a caching issue at’ end.


Yeah, you need to clear the cache to see the actual number.

Any updates? Visit counts are still being aggressively cached.

Any chances of a fix in the short to medium term?

I see two problems.
Adding our own user based analytics gives problems of GDPR, cookies, etc. It gets blocked by adblockers, and the like. You do not get very useful information.
Having server based analytics provides for better and easier to anonymise analytics.
So we need @matt on board, who has hinted in the past he’s not interested to improve the server side, non javascript based analytics.
It would be good to have a clear roadmap, so we don’t need to keep bugging Matt for recurring problems and expected improvements, and know where we stand?

i’d be happy with just the functionality we had until a few weeks ago, as long as it works reliably.

I just sent out an update that should fix this! As long as you’re logged in, your browser will no longer cache the page, so you should always see the latest view counts. Note that you may need to do one last hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R) for any pages you’ve previously checked on, but then you won’t have to do that anymore going forward.

Also, for anyone looking extra closely, note that there may still be a ~60 second delay between a hit on your site and the view counter updating. This is due to the way we batch view counts across the system for all users.

Let me know if you still notice any issues.


Thank you matt, but known crawlers, such as the, are still being counted as individual page counts. There must be something which can be done other then coding against the internet archive?