Stuck in Dark Mode

I just upgraded to v0.15 from v0.13.x and my whole site defaults to dark mode. I only have the toggle when editing, and after navigating away from this page, I go back to dark mode. Is there a way to make it stick? I liked the white theme, and wasn’t trying to use a custom one.

There was an issue with our v0.14 release that accidentally left a custom stylesheet in the distribution… Do you see a file at ./static/local/custom.css? If so, you can delete that file and everything should go back to normal.

I had a variant of this using the Yunohost package of WriteFreely, upgrading it from 13.2 to 0.15.0~ynh1. Worse than absolute dark mode, it ended up with white and light text colours (like for dark-mode) but on white background, a mixture of unreadable and barely readable.

Indeed the file ./static/local/custom.css was present (in Yunohost it’s inside /var/www/writefreely/), and indeed removing it fixes the problem.

I don’t think I previously tried an update to 0.14, but not certain.

Ah, thanks for catching this! Would you mind filing an issue on the YunoHost repository for WriteFreely? Hopefully then a maintainer of the package can take a look at this.

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