Stopped federating; how to diagnose?

Recently my main fediverse account (self-hosted Pleroma) stopped receiving updates from my WF blog when I publish a new post. It’s been working fine for a couple of years before this. I’m not sure what changed [*]. It’s installed under Yunohost.

My question: What can I look for in the logs and in the (mysql) db to check (a) that my fediverse account is still subscribed, and (b) whether it’s trying to send updates?

I know how to access the logs and the db inside yunohost, just don’t know what to look for or what to expect to find if it is/isn’t working.

([*]: there could have been a software update or a change I made to my network; I haven’t kept track of what I updated when. So I’m just looking to diagnose and fix.)

It’s WriteFreely v0.13.2. From the logs, it was upgraded from 0.13.1 to 0.13.2 on 2023-02-09. The last post it successfully sent to my fediverse (Pleroma) account was dated 2023-01-20; after that I made further posts dated 2023-01-31, 2023-02-03 and several later ones. (I think the date shown on a post isn’t necessarily the date when I pressed “publish”; in my case I often publish some days after drafting a post.)

There is NO mention of “decoding PEM” errors in the logs (mentioning because I see there was a bug fix for such an issue in 0.13.2).

Still would like to know what query to check the followers in the DB.

Found the info I needed, in the logs. Each post makes a log line containing “POST /api/collections/julian/collect”, followed by a line showing “Followers” with the list of followers, and then a POST logged for each follower.

From this I can see my self-subscription somehow had gone away. Could easily have been user error. I have re-followed it. Would be nice to find a way to re-try sending the missed posts. I wonder if there’s any way I can make that happen. Maybe “move to draft” followed by “publish”? Trying… Oh, yes. It does.

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