Stats for individual posts

Why is it that some themes let us see the stats for an individual post, but others don’t?

Some themes probably have custom CSS to hide stats on a post. I have it on all of my sites.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear; I don’t mean visible to readers of the post, but to the user when checking their stats.

I’m assuming you mean that on some themes, you cannot see the number of views on your own posts? If so, that’s exactly what I mean. I have custom CSS on all my sites to hide the number of views on a post.

This is the custom CSS I use to hide the views. Some themes might have this included by default.

/* Hide post views */
header nav .views {
    display: none;
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Thanks, Dino. That was indeed the issue. What’s the reason for hiding the views?

My reason for hiding the number of views is that to me, it kind of acts like the number of likes or hearts on a post. So I’m trying to remove that aspect of it. I don’t want my writing to be influenced by how many views a certain post got.