Static Page Titles Turning into Links

I added a static About page to one of my blogs:

Somehow the page’s title turned into a link. How do I remove the link and have just a normal page title as on Matt’s blog?

Ah, I figured it out… I was missing the space after the # symbol, so the title turned into a hashtag…

This is what I mean by normies struggling with even the simplicity of markup. You need to give us a WYSIWYG editor. Of course, let the purists switch it to markdown - I’m not saying you should take anything away from anyone - just let normies have a code free user experience like Medium does.

You’re definitely right, and this is something I’ve been thinking about solving for a while. Not many people mention that this is an issue for them, though I know there are probably plenty.

I started laying the groundwork for this with our new experimental editor today. There’s no WYSIWYG yet, but it at least addresses the title issue, and is starting to go in the direction of a more traditional UI. I’d love to know what you think about it so far.

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I bump into it now and again, though, like @fjhvio, I puzzle it out. It is a BIG difference in behavior resulting on a tiny, nearly unseen space or no space. Grin.

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