Starters questions

I am new to blogging. I would like to simply write my blog, and hopefully some people would be interested enough to read it. I can see from the intro pages in that it’s possible to submit it to but how do others outside the community get to see my blog (maybe at random). Is there a kind of clearing house. Are blogs from entered there automatically once published on These may be obvious to experienced members but I could not easily find the answer and others may be interested on first coming to which seems ideal for me. Thanks in advance.

They don’t. You have to syndicate it to where those readers are. That means sharing it on social media if that’s where your readers are. Or getting it into site aggregators like Hacker News. Or maybe reddit? You can also try developing relationships with other bloggers, to build your network. But either way, you’ll have to do some work to increase visibility on your posts.

I will say that even with all that, it won’t happen overnight, the increased publicity and visibility that is. If your work stands out on its own, even if you don’t try sharing it heavily, people will eventually find your writings.

Thanks for the advice. What are the actual mechanics of ‘sharing’ on social media? and of ‘getting it into’ site aggregators? If possible a brief example would help me a lot as a beginner.

Here are links on how to cross-post into other channels like Twitter and Tumblr.

As far as sharing to other social media destinations, you’ll pretty much have to share a link to your post on your social media feed/timeline.

You can add some JavaScript that will give you a Share button/link at the bottom of your post to help make it easier to share. Here’s an example of adding a Facebook Share button.

As far as site aggregators, I have no idea. Normally, other people add a link to your post in there so they can talk about it. I’ve seen some other bloggers share a link to their own post to increase traffic, but I don’t know if that’s the proper way to do it.