Sometime I need to use VPN to edit my blogs, and please do not block my VPN ips

Hi there, I am the owner of multiple blogs: (玉葉之花園)朱欒待訪録)千年風雅)

The main topics I am writing about are related to East Asian, especially Chinese and Japanese culture, none of them have infringed the Terms and Conditions of, and I will avoid positing something like spam all the time.

However, sometimes I will need to use a VPN to access and edit my blog series, because sometimes my PC devices are in China, and it is widely acknowledged that in China, you have to use a VPN to access websites outside the GFW.

Some of my previous VPN IP addresses have been mistakenly flagged as abuse and blocked by unfortunately. Now I am using a stabler VPN, and trying to keep just one IP address to log in to my accounts.

Therefore, I hope that can note this, and avoid blocking people that have to use a VPN to edit their blogs.


Many Thanks,
(you can call me “fudoki” )