(Solved) Paragraph Spacing Front Page vs. Full Post

My install and setup of WriteFreely behind a reverse proxy went perfect, excellent documentation!

The only problem I’m struggling with so far, no luck searching, and I expect I’m just missing something I have not had to use in markdown before?

If I write a post, with a blank line between paragraphs for nice spacing and publish it, on my main front page (just a rough “About” post right now), it looks correct. But if I click into just that post, then the font changes and the line spaces between paragraphs go away…

Example - Front Page, “About” post looks correct:

Example - Click “About” to open just that post, the font clearly changes and the line spacing is gone?

I checked my custom CSS section, which just has the common code to replace the Title with Image Logo on the main and blog post pages. Just in case, I tried removing all of it and saving changes. But same issue, just to rule out custom CSS.

Update: Not sure what the difference is yet, I deployed my second site (a full separate instance) on the same VPS:


Extracted from the same tar file, exact same install process, same permissions, and it does not have this issue. I created an about page, and when I click into the post itself, it still retains the spacing. CSS is also identical other than the logo image path change. I’ll do some comparisons between the files on both sites in the meantime.

In case anyone else runs into this kind of problem, root cause once I expanded my search, was CloudFlare which I use for DNS, on “TechZerker” under their Speed settings, it had minify (aka: Speed Up Page Loads) with CSS and HTML selected, where “Driving Shift” did not. As soon as I turned those settings off, resolved :slight_smile: