Solution to post on Medium automatically


I just want to share with a small hack I made to automatically post on medium my posts.

  1. Create a blog on tumblr. I created a simple one just for use with this integration:

  2. Connect your account to tumblr (using configuration page on

  3. Create an account at zapier ( and inside that create a new “zap”. In this integration you will have to enable access from zapier to both your and tumblr accounts. (more details:

  4. Create a post on tumblr before finishing the zapper creation to test.

That´s it. I just created the zap and made 2 tests:

  1. Creating the post straight in tumblr

  2. Creating a new post on

In both tests a new story was created accordingly on Medium.

Well, I am using a free account on zappier so I´ll let you know if it will keep working. This free account allows 1.000 runs on a month, more than enough to my needs (6-7 posts monthly).

I hope it can help others,


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