Is there a storage limit on
sub-question: if so, what is the limit in general and what is the limit (size) per image?

(I tried searching for this, but could not find an answer.)

Hi @egoecho! There’s no image size limit – images are automatically resized to a maximum width of 1280 pixels right now, and we’ll support keeping the full uploaded resolution in the future. And there’s no storage limit at the moment either, so feel free to upload as much as you want.

In the future we’ll likely have a storage limit, but we’ll work with everyone before doing that and grandfather anyone in that uses a lot of space.

Just let me know if you have further questions!


thanks once again for a lightning speed and crisp clear reply :slight_smile:

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Of course! We’ll be working on updating in the near future so any feedback or requests would be more than welcome now as we soon revisit the platform as a whole.


Cool, will keep you posted, so far all good though.