slow to upload


I always find very slow to upload images and there are often some images in a batch that fail to upload.

They are also very slow to load when being viewed.

Finally, when viewed on a mobile the galleries are not formated properly and there are two grey squares, then two images, then two grey squares etc

Thanks in advance for any help and advice


Hi Michael, if you click on a non-grey square and then use the arrow buttons to go to the greyed out images, do they load? And can you share a screenshot of the gallery as you’re seeing it on mobile?

They don’t load when using the arrow buttons. Only the photos show. See attached image, thanks

Hi, do you have any suggestion for the above?
Many thanks

Sorry, didn’t hit send on this reply. Do they all load if you refresh the page?

At the time I was able to see the same thing on my computer, but refreshing worked, and the photos loaded individually just fine. I’m not sure what caused it, but now from a fresh computer they’re all loading fine on the first try. Just wondering if this was maybe a temporary issue with our CDN or something similar.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

The problem is the same. Just to clarify…all the photos do load. The grey squares are not photos that haven’t loaded, although galleries are often slow to load.

The grey squres are just there for some reason. On my computer the galleries look fine. On my android phone (more than one android phone) the squares are always present.

See attached for more info…

Have you had a chance to have a look at this. If I look at other people’s snap as galleries they appear the same to me. I have tried different browsers to no avail. Is this how they appeat ro everyone?

I really likethe look of the galleries on my desktop, but on my mobile they don’t look good at all, aligned to the left with big blocky grey squares. As the majority of peope will probabay view my images on a mobile I don’t feel it is avery good way to present my work.

Ah, thanks I figured out what’s going on. There was a bug in the code for mobile devices, causing it to have strange blank spacing around the images. I’ve just fixed that, and you’ll see that live on in a few hours!