, list links to all posts containing that photo

Would be lovely if in photo view all posts containing that photo were shown as links.

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Great input, I haven’t considered that before. Could you explain your workflow a bit more, that is, what you’re doing before / after you get to a photo on and then want to navigate to the posts using it?

Before, I edit (crop, et al) in iOS Photos. Sometimes, for a given post, photos are spread out over time, so I have to hunt them down and upload to (unless they’re already in, but I’m new to it all so far here so haven’t encountered that yet). The photos in this post are spread out over the last two years or so:

After, it’s simply helpful to know where I’ve used a photo, expecially if I’m looking for something that matches what I’ve written. Even having a subtle number in the bottom right corner of the grid preview page, so blank for zero times use, 1 for 1, etc…, then if I need details, I can pop in to the individual photo and see the links to the posts its in.

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Agreed, this will be hugely useful for heavy users. Perhaps it could be a Pro feature.