leaving alpha soon

As I’ve mentioned online before, we’re currently working on restructuring, so we can finally start moving it forward again.

Here’s an update on where that’s at today. In short, we’ve already launched “version 2,” and we’ll be migrating everyone to the upgraded system in the next week or two!


Does it mean SnapFreely will be included into WriteFreely? :nerd_face:

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Yep! I’m now thinking the best way to build all of these tools will be to build them into WriteFreely itself, or at the very least use it as the “core.” Then admins can choose which tools to enable / offer to their users.

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Awesome! Can’t wait image uploads to be integrated into WriteFreely :+1:

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An update on this: you can now migrate to the new!

Instead of moving everyone at once as we’d originally planned, we decided to make this an opt-in process. So right now your account, photos, galleries, etc. are all read-only and still on our old systems. To switch over:

That’s it! You can refresh the page to check on progress, and when it’s finished, you’ll be able to upload and modify your photos again. (It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.)

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