is down

Not sure if I was supposed to create a new thread or not, but looks like is down as of right now. It was working this morning. The images still show up on my site, but I cannot get to

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Yep, really sorry about that! Problems with the old infrastructure we’re on. Working on getting it back now, and will update here when fixed. Current status is here:

Okay, we’re back now!

This was caused by the separate cloud provider we use specifically for (Google Cloud). Earlier, they deprecated the version of Go we use to power our web application, and today they apparently decided to completely shut things off. Now we’re up-to-date with their platform, so should continue running smoothly. But in the next few months, especially as we look to pick up development again, we’ll migrate to a much more stable provider.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry again for the inconvenience this caused!

5 Likes doesn’t seem to be working on Firefox mobile over the past few days. Tried re-uploading several times, different photos, too. Just a heads up.

doesn’t seem to be loading on the web, either :confused:

Interesting. I’ve had no issues with my Mac and iPad using Safari.

Have you tried a different browser?

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It’s also working fine for me on a Windows 10 machine.

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Must be my internet connection. It still won’t load on Firefox on Web for me, and won’t upload via FF mobile, either. Odd.