Image Size Limits

I want to offer my photography and art via the CC0 license and offer people a way to download the original image file. Something along the lines of how lets people see a low-res preview and then download the original.

Is this doable or are you compressing/downsizing the images?

What is the maximum size that can be uploaded?

I’m also curious about what will offer as a stand-alone service. When will it be releasing pricing plans and open for sign up?

Right now, all images are downsized to a width of 1280px.

With our stand-alone launch in March, we’ll support uploading full-size images, likely with a limit like 50 MB per image. I don’t have specifics on the pricing right now, but there will probably be two subscription tiers:

  • One made for consumers, with a lower limit on storage, downsized images, etc.
  • One made for pros / heavy users, with a higher storage limit, full-sized uploads, etc.

The consumer-level plan, price-wise, will most likely be in the same neighborhood as Pro, and still be included with a Pro subscription (so you save money by using both services). We’ll also have a store with one-time paid add-ons, like we do today with the Albums functionality.

As for functionality, you can see some of what we’ll include in various posts here, but we’ll have a final list as the launch gets closer and we start putting together marketing materials. And, of course, we’re always looking for feedback on what’s most important to everyone here on the forum.

Also, just to clarify, the stand-alone service will be exactly the same as the one you get with Pro – the only difference is that you’ll be able to use it without a account.


I just signed up for Pro, and, when the time comes, would like a way to upgrade to your tier for pros / heavy users.

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Awesome, that’s good to know. As we launch that, I’ll definitely want to hear your feedback so we can make sure the pro tier has everything you need.

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@Matt, you said:

Right now, all images are downsized to a width of 1280px.

I usually use ImageOptim to optimize images, but is this now redundant? Is optimizing images for us?