-- How do I "export to disc?" a lower image quality

Hi. Every photo I try to drop / upload fails with a message saying: “Photo exported with lower image quality – Export to disc to maintain full image quality.” What can I do to streamline this process? I’m not sure what ‘export to disc’ means. I’m really hoping I don’t need an external drive. Thank you!

Hi @writedirt, just to be sure, where are you dragging the file from? Is it coming from your desktop / file manager? Or maybe some other program, like photo editing software or a website?

Hi Daniel. Thanks. I’m dragging photos from the Photos app on a Macbook.

Thanks. So it sounds like this error message is actually coming from the Photos app and not I also have trouble using that app myself, but I believe the way to fix this is to:

  1. First drag those photos to a folder on your computer. That will export your photos at full quality
  2. Drag those photos from the folder into

That should upload them at the right size and avoid that error message – but let me know if that doesn’t work.

Daniel, thank you. I tried it with dragging to different folders in different places on my computer, but then dragging to didn’t work. The photos only “resolve” at 926 KB, but don’t show up. Not sure what to do. Thanks!

Hmm, could you describe what happens right after you drag them to Do they start uploading (you should see a horizontal progress bar in the middle of the box that appears)? Does an “x” appear over the image in the uploader?

Otherwise, does uploading work if you click the big “upload” box on and then select the image that way?

Daniel, no progress bar or X appears with any of the methods I try, including from the Upload box (but when I click the Upload box, I have to double-click on the Uploader section to get the dropdown menu to open to download from my computer. I don’t see any other way to upload.)

When I double-click on the uploader section and download a file from my computer, the images shows up immediately without a progress bar or an X. Depending on the photos I try to upload, the images show everything from .3MB to 90MB as .JPG.

When I drag a photo from my Apple Photos application, the image immediately shows up with a gray icon that says – 80.2KB UNADJUSTE

When I drag the same photo from a file in my downloads directly to the uploader, the image immediately shows up at a lesser # resolution as 44KB lite2.jpg

I talked to Apple today and found out that the new Operating System, Mojave 10.14.3 does not allow uploading photos to Facebook. Now I wonder if it doesn’t allow uploading to, as well. I can’t find anything yet online about it. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for help. I’d love to get this figured out.

Daniel, Hi. But now I just uploaded a photo to Facebook. So using a “3rd party” should work with my Mac.

So, once the images show up in the uploader, you don’t see anything change? Normally, the gray progress bar overlayed on the image should start filling up.

And to be sure, are you using in the Safari browser? If so, I’ll just need a little more time to look into this and make sure we don’t have any bugs in that browser.

Guess what. It works with Chrome. – But in Safari, no progress bar shows up. When I upload, I immediately get a gray icon with no photo image.

Do you recommend a particular browser over another? I care about privacy. But I can use Chrome otherwise. Thanks. I forgot about browsers.

Ah! That explains it :slight_smile: We recommend Chrome or Firefox right now, but we will fix uploading in Safari now that we know there’s an issue there.

Thank you, Daniel! If you recommend Chrome or Firefox over Safari, why is that?

No problem! That’s just what we usually test on, since we aren’t Mac users, and Safari is only available on Mac. Out of the two, I personally use Chrome (I believe Matt does, too) since it’s pretty widely used. But of course it’s tied to Google, so the better browser for privacy would be Firefox.

Thanks, Daniel. Can I ask what kinds of computers you both prefer or why? I’m wondering which way to go. Thank you, again.

I like my Dell XPS, but I’m not sure what @matt uses. I just know he’s on Linux (the operating system). It’s always best to use the tool that works most for you, I think, and this one works for me. But I often recommend a Mac to people who want an easy experience and don’t want to have to fight with their computer too much – for the most part, I think they’re great for that :slight_smile:

Thank you, that helps. That’ s why I switched to Apple in the first place, because I need easy. But I do wonder what you like about your Dell XPS? Is it any better for privacy? Thanks.

I’d say that’s the most important reason to stick with them, if that’s why you switched. I like the XPS’s keyboard and small size, mostly. But the hardware isn’t as important for privacy these days as the software running on it is. For example, no matter what kind of laptop you have, if it’s running Windows 10, that’s not very good for your privacy. On the other hand, a Mac running macOS is a good choice for privacy.

Thank you, Daniel. That really helps a lot. Appreciate it.

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