- How are photos changed when uploaded?

How does change photos upon upload?

For example, is certain metadata added/removed? Are large images minimized? etc.

Thank you!

3 Likes does minimal modifications – we try to preserve metadata, color profiles on JPEGs, etc. Otherwise, we only resize photos to a width of 1280px right now.

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What’s the rationale for resizing photos? Saving storage space and other server resources?

Yep, really two reasons:

  • It’s an easy way to optimize images for the web (assumption is that photos will be included in a / WriteFreely post)
  • Since there are no hard limits on your total storage space, this keeps that economical for us

As we develop a bit more, we’ll add other pricing options that allow full-resolution uploads, to fit people who need this.


Thanks Matt!

This is something most photographers look into when assessing any photo blogging platform. From my experience serving creators, lack of transparency in how their photos are ingested, compressed, stored, and altered prior to publication is a major concern. As an example, startups like Glass.Photo have been gaining popularity with this as their key value prop. has a crossover with those customers, but a different overall mission. It’s a huge investment to adopt a new tool into one’s photo arsenal, and with so many available the easier it is to understand their constraints bodes well for longevity. Thanks again for your support and guidance!

Stay safe and spirited.

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I also upload my photography and had some issue with the detail being muddied when resized, Matt seems to have sorted that and I upload at the rescale width anyway now to try and avoid resizing. I don’t particularly want to upload full resolution anyway though as I also sell my images.

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Any chance we can get higher resolution image support? Not really looking for full image resolution support, but was hoping we could get the images up to 1080px width. It would look better when you view just the image itself. I’m even willing to pay extra for this feature, a few bucks per month on the subscription if that’s doable.

Sorry I meant up to 1920px width.


I agree with @dino, I’d be willing to pay for storing and serving higher resolution images.